Learn dance routines

The Dance App with Innovative Motion-Tracking Technology

When it comes to learning dance we all have different needs, which is why we built technology to allow you to dance at your own pace!

Easy to learn dance movess

Own your learning experience and never miss a chance to dance

A progressive virtual dance program to help you find your groove whenever you want, wherever you are.

A smart virtual mirror

Our motion tracking technology detects your movements and recommends adjustments that you can make to improve your technique.

A personalized Coach every step of the way

Groovetime auto-paces your journey to mastering a dance routine. We automatically slow down the moves and provide you with powerful review tools to help you learn to dance better and faster. 

A tool for tracking your progression as a dancer

We give you advanced analytics to track your skills and growth over the course of the week, month, or all-time.

Modèles rond gris

Dance, made personal.

Groovetime guides you on what to do and how to do it, so you can focus on the fun. Learning about how to improve at every step, to help you reach your dance goals.


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